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Post  dragonair on Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:23 am

this is my fanfic and this is the first few chapters.

"Hi,volbeat,illumise."Mew greeted. One cold and snowy winter night,Mew decided to take a leisurely fly.Then she saw it,a baby.Some other legendary,like ho-oh would just give its blessings and leave,but not mew.This baby is abondoned,and I sense something special about her,thought mew.
"Abbie,Anna!",mew called.The two Absols came immidietely."Do you know why I called you here?"Mew asked.
"Does it have something to do with that baby?"Anna questioned.
"Yes,it has ALL to do with this baby."Mew replied."I want you to deliver this to azelf,uxie,and mesprit,and I shall accompany you."Mew directed.
"I sense something special about her".
Mew and the two absols were at Mt. Coronet.

"Can't you Teleport us mew?"Abbie asked.
"Sorry but I can't risk hurting the baby,besides,this is your first mission since you got names,don't you think we should make it more memorable?"Mew replied.
"What's the point of names anyway,they're useless!"Abbie complained.
"I second that"agreed Anna.
"Names are important,and will make you feel better,would you like being called just absol for the rest of your life?I don't like being called just Mew,I would rather have a name,but I guess since I'm the only one of my kind,it's ok."Mew reasoned
."But mew,your not alone,your not the only one of you,theres mewtwo."Abbie reasoned back.
"What,Mewtwo?Abbie asked.
"YES,MEWTWO!!YOU ARE NOT TO SPEAK THAT NAME!!"Mew raged.What got into her?Wondered Abbie.Something must have happened.I HAVE TO KNOW.But I can't ask or mew will Shadow ball us.Thought Anna.The rest of the journey continued in silence.
"Finally,Sandgem town!!"Abbie and anna shouted
."Almost there,mesprit!!"Mew announced.It was midnight,so the pokemon didn't care about their noise,besides,no human could understand them.

"Ahh,such a beautiful night."Illumise commented.
"Not as beautiful as you Illumise."Volbeat complemented.
"Ah give it a rest,Volbeat."Illumise said,blushing.
"Well we must be going now."Mew said.Soon they were at mesprits cave.
"Hello,its been a while,mew."Mesprit greeted.
"I need you to call azelf and uxie."Mew directed.
"I do not like the name Mesprit,call me Monie."Mesprit said.
"Unie,Anzy!!"Monie cried.Azelf and Uxie came immiedietly.
"So what is it,Monie?"Azelf asked
."Is it that baby?"Uxie asked."Yes,it is time to decide."Mesprit said.
"Hmm,well,yes yes,I guess.."They all were all commenting at the baby.
"WE HAVE DECIDED!!They announced.
"And,well..."Mew said.
"WE'LL KEEP HER!!"They cried in unison.
"Monie,Unie,Anzy!Will you come with me?"Mew asked.
"I will,what about you?Anzy,Unie?"Mesprit asked.
"Yes,I will."Uxie replied
."Me too."Azelf said.
"Ok,lets go!!"mew exclaimed.
"What about me and abbie?Anna asked.
"Go home,or back to the Floaroma base.Shaymin will be there,or you can take the tunnel to flower paradise."Mew directed.
"Ok,mew"Abbie said.Then azelf,uxie,mesprit and mew flew off with the baby.
"Finally,we're here,spear pillar base!!"Mew exclaimed.There were platforms of energy everywhere,some were rooms,some were houses.And there were four lucarios and a shiny medicham working to make the place hold up.
"Where is here?"a voice asked.
"AH!!The baby can talk ALREADY!!" Mew cried.
"We must get some one to show her around immediatly!"Uxie looked and sounded calm,but it was obvious that she was freaked out.
"Joe,come show her around!!"Azelf ordered.
"Yes,Azelf!!I will show her around!!"Joe said.And within an hour the little girl knew the place from top to bottom.

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Post  dragonair on Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:16 am

Heres most of the parts I've finished"She needs a babysitter, think, Anzy , Unie, Monie, any ideas?" Mew asked
."I think Jirachi would be good for a girl like her."Monie suggested.
"Girl!!! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GIVE HER A NAME!!!Mew was furious, she was almost was crying.
"Calm down mew, we will give her one once the time comes."Uxies voice was calming.
"Mew is right,she should be treated like a legendary,and she's right about the name business,but I think it should go this way,when she meets the legendarys,whoever she warms up to most she will be named after.And Uxie,STOP BEING SO BORING,DO SOMETHING,MONIE MAKES IDEAS,I CARRY OUT PLAN,YOU JUST FUSS OVER EVERY LITTLE THING,YOU HAVE TO FIND SOMETHING BAD WITH THE PLAN DON'T YOU!!!IN FACT,I SAY WE BAN HER FROM THE LAKE TRIO UNTIL SHE FINDS SOMETHING-TO-DO-IN-THIS GROUP!!!"Azelf was also steaming with anger."I agree,Uxies out."Mesprits voice was cold and unfeeling.
"Shall we vote now?"Mew suggested.
"Yes,we should vote .Anyone want little JanJan to be the babysitter?"Azelf asked.Everyone said yes.
They were at Jirachi's energy house.

"Monie,what is it my old friend,come on up friend,its been a while."Jirachi's voice sounded overjoyed,like she was just a kid and a friend that she had begged for weeks to come over finally did come over.
"JanJan,I have a favor to ask of you."Monie sounded queasy.
"What is it,MonMon,you sound sick.Are you ok?"Jirachi sounded worried.
"Well,I booked as a babysitter for that new girl,I hope you don't mind."Mesprit sounded like a kid caught in a wrongdoing.
'Why,thats perfectly fine!!What did you think i'd do,blow up at you?I don't have much to do now anyway!!"Jirachi was exploding with laughter.
"When is it now?"Jirachi asked.
"Well,in an hour."Mesprit was nervous.What if she doesn't take this well,I remember the last time she got angry,we had to rebuild all of Spear Pillar base,I do NOT want to go through THAT again. Mesprit was tense.
"Oh my,I must be going then,I can't be late." Jirachi then floated franticly to find the new girls chambers. My, was I lucky,jirachi can be an emotional timebomb.I can't believe she didn't explode,you never know what to do or if you will set her off.Mesprit was relieved.
Soon the ceramony was ready,with beams of energy making a palace out of spear pillar peak.Everything not needed was taken away,and twelve lucario's and four shiny medicham were holding it up.The next day it was hailing though,and the strict laws of the pokemon organization said that the acceptance ceramony could not be held when it was raining,hailing,sandstorming,sunny,mildly sunny,windy,or storming of any kind.It would only be held when it was cloudy or snowing.So mew decided to have little Jamie take her test and go to castform to get tomorrow's weather.

Castform is always right about the weather,I shall check with him to see what tomorrow's will be ,then I can take Jamie to Lafayette for her aura test.Mew decided.
She departed for her journey to hoenn imidietly,and she arrived in the weather institute whithin an hour.This place is nice,I remember when castforms took over this place.It was quick,and a huge victory for pokemon. Voltorb, Electrobe, Pikachu, Raichu,and many other electric pokemon found a place to live and something to do.Castform also had one official place to make their predictions,and started airing them weekly when Rotom went to Goldenrod City in Johto.Oh,I should have listened this week.Thought mew.
''Well,castform,I would like a prediction for tomorrow.''Said mew.
''Tommorow will be a beautiful sunny day.''Said castform.
''Ok,thank you.''Said mew.

It took mew a hour to get back to Spear Pillar.When she did she went to get Jamie.
''Jamie dear,it's time to take a test.''Said mew.
''Well,ok''Said Jamie.
As lucario sat quietly in her chair,she began to think about her life,and her thoughts were not good.Why am I sitting in an underground cave 90 miles underground?Why don't I have any eyes at all?Why did I listen to mew?Why do I have to be Lafayette,the sulky lucario who lives 90 miles underground with no eyes at all with no visitors in 50 years and all I have for company is a chair,a chandilier,and two tables that have energy dumplings for food and just plain water?My life sucks.Lafayette concluded.
Soon she saw murky shadows and the blurry chair she was sitting on.She began to see!!She walked out into a tunnel leading Sinnoh's surface,but she soon realized she was blind again.She walked back into her room and realized that faint sight returned,it was the chandalier!!So,I can see,but only in this prison.Lafayette thought.
Soon mew's shadow appeared in the tunnel.''Go away!!You already took away my eyes!!What do you want now!!My HEART!!Lafayette snapped.
''It was to help your aura powers,and now we need them.Give the test to Jamie here please.''Mew said.
''Fine,bring her up.''Lafayette muttered.Mew did,and Jamie layed down on her stomach.
Lafayette put her palm to her back to get the most reading.She did.She felt pure goodness in her heart,pure innocence.
''She passes with flying colors.''Lafayette said.''Now leave me alone.''Lafayette added.
''Fine,goodbye.''Mew said.

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